Meranoplus Queen Ant Colony 40+ workers – Shield Ant


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Meranoplus queen with 40+ workers available in a small nest (nest included).

Care Level: Medium
Founding Type: Claustral
Setup: At the founding stage, a test tube setup or founding chamber with a water source is sufficient. Once the number of workers exceeds ~50, they should be moved into a small nest.
Diet: Queens do not require feeding until workers arrive. When workers arrive, feed sugars and protein regularly.
Queen size: 3mm
Worker size: 2mm

These are tiny, stocky little ants that look like no other. Despite their small stature, their orange abdomen makes them stand out, and the workers have an orange stripe along their thorax. When threatened, they will curl into a ball to protect themselves, similar to an armadillo. These strange ants are rated at a medium care level due to their tendency to slip through small gaps in enclosures, however, they are suitable for all of our mesh and y-tong nests.


Colony with 40+ workers, Queen with Brood, Queen with 1-10 Workers, Queen with 11-20 Workers


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