Green Weaver Ant Treehouse — Modular Nest

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Want a weaver colony without the hassle of a live plant?

Introducing the Antastic Original Weaver Treehouse!

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Suitable for: All ants, especially weaving ants such as O. Smaragdina and P. Australis
Test Tube Size: 20mm

Want to start a weaver colony without the hassle of a live plant? The Weaver Treehouse is designed to be the perfect starting point for green weavers, allowing them to start small and accomodate their expansion. The modular pieces of the Weaver Treehouse interconnect with one another, allowing customisability to suit your enclosure and your architectural vision. The Treehouse is designed to suit a founding green weaver colony at first, but we encourage live plants to be included as the colony grows, which is why the base of the Treehouse has three slots that allow plants to grow close to the structure. In your Treehouse, we advise that at least one test tube has water and cotton, but ensure that the tube is positioned so that it is easily accessible to replace if it runs out of water.

Included in the kit:

– 7x double tube clips
– 2x single tube clips
– 5x ladders
– 1x base
– 1x feeding bowl (for food, or moist cotton as pictured)
– 1x jelly holder (suits Antastic ant jelly)

Green Weaver ants are not included in this kit, but are currently available from $49.5 in our “Buy Ants” section of the website.

Test tubes can be included or excluded, and jelly is sold separately in the “Ant Food” section of our website. The Treehouse is deigned to be strong and stable, but we advise that you always build balanced structures. If you’d like to build higher or further out from the base, you can tilt one of the tubes vertically to act as a pillar, or additional pieces (including bases) are sold separately. Be aware that, with regular use, the joint connections between the pieces may loosen, so we advise not to connect and disconnect more often than needed.

Test tubes

With 9x 20mm Tubes, Without Test Tubes

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  1. Well made and thought out the brown is a nice colour to simulate branches

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